Screen shots of 10 hour exam Powerpoint presentation

In this blog post I have taken in total 62 screenshots of my power point presentation due to my slideshow having 62 slide shows in total. This slideshow was in preparation of my final 10 hour exam which I have already done and considering we were the first year to do this exam I feel that me and my class did a good job of handling it considering we were all new to the idea and we all achieved what we wanted to from the brief we were given. We all chose a section from the brief and chose one out of three outcomes we wanted to do and achieved this in the final 10 hours and recorded all the research, changes to the brief and recorded the results of what the outcome looked like and this power point was a perfect way to help prepare for this exam. The screenshots inserted after this are in the correct order of the actual power point.
screen shot 1screen shot 2slide 3slide 4slide 5slide 6slide 7slide 7slide 9slide 10slide 11slide 12slide 13slide 14slide 15slide 16slide 17slide 18slide 19slide 20slide 21slide 22slide 23slide 24slide 25slide 26slide 27slide 28slide 29slide 30slide 31slide 32slide 33slide 34slide 35slide 36slide 37slide 38slide 39slide 40slide 41slide 42slide 43slide 44slide 45slide 46slide 47slide 48slide 49slide 50slide 51slide 52slide 53slide 54slide 55slide 56slide 57slide 58slide 59slide 60slide 61slide 62

The two slides in the row third from bottom have a playing slideshow but can only be viewed in the PowerPoint presentation program, I wrote in the slide before how these were made and successful.


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