Final Outcome of my 3D Conference Room

This is my final out come of my conference room;
final image

To create this, I had to do some research, I had to come up with the correct measurements so the room can fit together at the right proportion. Everything about the room was mostly my own design and what I have created myself from researching before the final outcome, the left wall, the right wall, the back/middle wall, the floor and the clock was all my designs and produced them all by myself in Photoshop, the only thing that wasn’t my own design was the TV on the wall, the 3D table design and the business lady, I just found these images off Google.
I first created a paper template with the measurements to help me see if the wall would fit together perfect, I then drew out the same measurements on card and I used a scalpel to cut out all the edges in a straight line. After this I used the measurements to print of the correct size images, it took several attempts as the sizes are different on Photoshop to what they are in real life but I finally managed to get the correct sizes then I used spray glue to spray on the images to the card template, until it was fully stuck. I then put the card template together and I used masking tape to stick the whole template together to start the 3D design. From this point on, when the whole room is stuck together looking how I designed it to look, I then printed off the clock that I designed myself and spray glued that on the middle of the main wall, which blended in well with the wall as they were the same design and then I printed the TV with a flowchart in it and spray glued it on the left wall so you can see it but can also see the design of the left wall.
I then moved on to the main part of the whole room and that was the furniture itself, but to get more marks we had to make the furniture stand to make it look 3D. I first got the ‘POW’ image off from Google as my whole room design was pop art and to make the design show that even more was to make the table have ‘POW’ on the top as it is bright and bold, just like pop art.

First I printed off the photo, then with the spare card I went round the shape with pencil then cut it out with scissors to make sure it stuck to the card. I then used the spray glue again to stick the piece of paper perfectly on to the card, then with more spare card that I had, I cut 4 same sized squares out. This was to make sure the table stood up to make it as realistic as possible because tables usually do not fall in real life, they are steady so I stuck these evenly at the bottom to make it stand. I then printed out the business women, this was more trickier as she was more thin, but I did the same step and drew around her on card, I then cut her out and spray glued her on to the card. I did the bottom a little bit different as I used a smaller square as the base and then I used a thin rectangle to stick that to the square and the back of the girl and to make sure she is secure, I stuck an extra piece of card to the back of her straight to make it look like she has more ‘posture’, I made sure that she was able to stand before I pinned my whole piece to the wall.
I am pleased with my final design as it turned out the way I designed it in the beginning, my original design was pop art and I feel my wall showed that very well as it is bright and bold, also it would be show in the corner of your eye because of the colours. It was quite a long process but it took me the whole ten hours to create this but I am happy that I was able to finish this in time and it turned out how I wanted it to. If I was to do this again, I would change the design a little bit and make the two sides different images to make it have a bit more variety but I also like the rooms being the same design but just flipped, also I would scale the room a bit smaller as the corners are a little bit longer than the walls but luckily this isn’t too noticeable and one of my images was a bit smaller then the design so there was some white patches, which I had to fill with black pen but I accidently added some black lines on the wall but I wasn’t supposed to, but this wasn’t too bad either.

Even though there are a couple of little improvements that could of been made but I am happy how this turned out and this is probably my favourite thing I have ever created in this lesson and it is also the thing that I am most proud of making in this lesson, I would happily do this again.


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