My Photoshop plan for my 3D Conference Room

This is my plan for my 3D conference room, however I printed each one off individually because the measurements worked better when I did this.
On the left wall I decided to use one of my pop art designs, it includes a red background and a girl looking upwards.
Pop Art Middle Wall
On the right wall I am using the same image but I have flipped it round on Photoshop to make it work better on my design.
Pop Art Middle Wall flipped
For the middle, back wall I decided to use my guitar pop art design, this is to make the room more colourful and bright, as pop art is bright and bold and my conference room design is pop art.
pop art guitar
Last but not least I am using my Iphone pop art design as the floor, as this will also make it bright, I think the room works well because it is bright and the audience can tell that my theme is pop art.
Practise for pop art photo
This is the template that I made on word press to help me figure out what the room will look like and if it would work or not.
Additionally, I will add extra things on to the walls such as clocks and a tv with a flow chart on it, but this will not be 3D, this will be stuck separately to the wall.

Also, at the start of the project I drew made a paper template to know what the measurements are and what the final outcome would look like and to see if it would work, it helped me create a successful outcome.

paper template


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