Colour Swatches of My Conference Room

When designing my Conference room I used a range of colours, but I mainly used six colours, these are the basic colours such as yellow and red, but these colours are used the most in pop art because they are mostly bright and noticeable.
The first colour I used frequently was red, this was a major part of the left hand side wall and the chairs, it was quite a bright red, it wasn’t really dark, making it noticeable.
colour swatch one- red
The second colour I used was a grey-ish blue for the right wall as the colour gets lighter to show how realistic it is as it looks 3D, but I also used blue for a section of my pop art IPhone design which is a lighter, bolder blue then the other wall.
colour swatch two- blue ish
Thirdly, I used the colour green, this would be one of the first colours you see as it takes up the majority of the left hand wall and it is the closest colour to the screen and as it is a light, bold green you would spot this colour first, green is used a lot in pop art, epically when you use a picture four times with different colour backgrounds, this inspired me to use the colour green.
colour swatch three- green
Yellow was used in the left wall as well as it is another bright, frequent colour used in pop art, it gives off a nice, happy feeling which makes the audience feel happy, as this is on top of the green it would be one of the first colours you spot, making the room have a positive effect as it reminds you of summer and sunshine and people being happy.
colour swatch four- yellow


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